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So Simple It's In The Name

SimplePay makes it as Simple as a few clicks of the mouse to pay your consignors. Leaving more time to focus on your store.

SimplePay has been a game-changer for us. Cutting the check printing and distributing process out of our routine has saved us countless hours and headaches. Every consignor is beyond pleased with the speed and simplicity, as are we.

— Casey A.

A Better Way To Pay Is Now A Part Of SimpleConsign

Save Time

Printing checks is time consuming. As you add more consignors the amount of time it takes to print, sign and hand out checks only increases, making it increasingly difficult to grow your list of consignors.

No matter how many Consignors you have ACH payments will take the same amount of time.

Pay From Anywhere

No matter where you are, you are able to effortlessly pay all your consignors at once.

Gone are the days of waiting around your shop to make sure each consignor gets their check.

When you're in your store you should be selling!

Increase Word Of Mouth

ACH Payouts are convenient for consignors. Not having to leave the house to wait around your shop to receive checks leaves your consignors with a better experience.

People talk about good experiences.

Increase Online Sales

Combine payout days with online sales.

When handing out traditional checks consignors do not have immediate access to their funds, this makes purchasing with their monthly earnings more difficult.

With ACH payouts the moment the money hits their account the consignor can spend it.

Are You Ready For A Faster Payment Process?